What I’ve learned taking pictures

Perspective is everything.  A change in perspective changes an entire scene.  Try altering your perspective to see if another viewpoint is revealed.  If not, try changing your perspective again.  We all can learn something when we view a situation from a different point-of-view.

Get weird.  Try new things.  Don’t be afraid to roll in the grass, shoot an unusual subject, try a new camera setting, or get your lens a little dirty.  Innovative and creative things happen when we step out of our comfort zone.  Embrace the unknown.

Be patient.  Achieving the perfect shot takes planning and time but will come eventually.  Till then, enjoy practicing and learning, remembering that patience is a virtue.

Focus.  Determining what to focus on is a challenge.  Its impossible to focus on everything, and detrimental to focus on the wrong thing.   Choose with intent a subject worth focusing on, and focus on it

Look harder.  If you cant find anything worth shooting, look harder.  Observe the small things; the way the light comes in and creates shadows or reflections upon your surroundings, the ground, the sky or ceiling, the designs found in your environment.  Look for action and emotion in those around you.  Look for contrasting colors, symmetry, patterns big or small.  Something intriguing is happened around you right now….you just have to find it.


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